Why optimized website photos For Good SEO? Of all reasons, alternative text that tell about  the photo is highly recommended for optimal users experience.  It is a good idea to link also the image text to the title of the page that host the photo. Good looking and attractive photos which are self explanatory attract many website visitors to your website and hence more leads with more sales from the website. On the other hand, bad photos chase away website visitors and hence make life more difficult. If you means business, invest time, money and skills on getting smart, good and professional photos for your website

Good photo must talk by their own. Arranged in folders with relevant keywords as folders’ names and photo names detailed with activity description.

Above all photo must meet the following attributes:

  1. Must be digital photos
  2. Must have a resolution of not less than 1024px
  3. Not too dark or too bright
  4. Must be natural photos
  5. Must be sharp and fine tuned focused photos
  6. Must be taken from professional cameras

Must be digital photos

A digital photo is not only the one in electronic form, but it must be taken by a digital camera and never scanned from the hard copy photo

Must have a resolution of not less than 1024px

The resolution can be vertical pixels of 1024 or horizontal pixels’ of 1024. We may accept photos below this range but they will be only for webpage thumbs and not gallery photos

Not too dark or too bright

This is straight clear, you’re smart photos will attract many web site visitors. Likewise bad photos will chase them away

Must be natural photos

Photo which are natural in color reflect the original object and therefore will not mislead the website visitor or customer.

Sharp and fine tuned focused photos

The texture of a good photo is fine and sharp. This attributes help viewer to note the actual appearance of the object as it look from original viewing.

Must be taken from professional and brand cameras

Professional photos are all branded photos cameras with both options, manual and automatic functions. Most cameras manufactured by not limited to Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Fujifilm, Olympus, Sony, Panasonic, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Leica, Yashica, Samsung, Toshiba, Lemix, Casio etc

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Email: info@webmagic.co.tz, info[@]webmagic.co.tz


Bank Payment by M-PESA Instructions:

  1. In the phone call screen type *150*00# and press call button
  2. Select # 6  – Financial services
  3. Select # 2 – M-PESA to Bank
  4. Select from the list # 2 – NMB
  5. Select # 1 to Enter Reference Number
  6. Enter Account no. (Our account no. is 40810111200)
  7. Enter amount  – Enter the amount you want to transfer
  8. Enter PIN –Enter your M-PESA secret code
  9. Press 1 to confirm–Enter no. 1 to accept the transfer

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We have been in Tanzania web hosting industry for quite long since 2007.  We are therefore experienced enough to advice, troubleshoot problems quickly and provide instant support to customers

Website security

SSL Certificates, while the world of hosting is going on secured servers, some charge this service, we offer free with any hosting


Quick support service – 20 hrs a day and 2 hours response time (Guaranteed only for working hours and days)


Secondary backup when you website goes off, corrupt or hacked we will just restore the fresh copy from the secondary storage


Our prices are therefore based on this findings and we put very very affordable prices found nowhere else in Tanzania while maintaining the industry standard of services.


All Oof our web hosting plans from starter plan to premium plan offer you none questionable 99.9% uptime server


Free domain registration, renewal, and transfer for any tz domain or regular one you get for free ass long as you continue hosting with us


We always value the information provided by our customers by secure them with high value as one of our priority asset

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We accept payment via bank deposit, MPESA, Tigo Pesa and Airtel Money

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