A good google optimized and user friendly itinerary must follow the following structure and flow

  1. It must contain a title that summarize the whole itinerary in less than 60 characters with spaces. The title must contain at least three parts which are 1) duration, 2) activity and 3) destination/location for the attraction
  2. Associate with Featured image or gallery or slideshow of image size between 1366px to 1920px width fine texture and most relevant to the itinerary on question
  3. Put the  itinerary summary, briefing or highlights in one, two or three words
  4. It must also contain an itinerary summary or highlights, pinpointing the important parts of your itinerary to enable the reader understand the whole itinerary before continue to read the whole page
  5. Provide the subheading of all day activities descriptions
  6. Provide the subheading for day activities that summarize the whole day itinerary in less than 60 characters with spaces
  7. Provide also the day activities summary or highlights, pinpointing the important parts of your day program to enable the reader understand the whole day allabouts
  8. At the end you can optionally provide the itinerary indicative price or full price
  9. Associate with itinerary pricing terms highlighting what the price include and what not
  10. At the end provide the booking request form and or online payment link

Below is the attributes of the above mentioned sections:

1.) The title is the title meta tag in html format at the HEAD section and must also form the page main HEADING with H1 status


7 Day Safari to Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda

2.) The featured image or gallery or slideshow of image size between 1366px to 1920px recommended and this depend on the layout of the website and targeted screens resolutions. This suggestions based on the fact that most resolution as on 18 Feb 2018 is between 1366px to 1920px. The image must be in png, gif or jpeg with alternative text well written with keyword that explain all about the image.

3.) The Summary, Highlight, Briefing subheading is the H2 heading that introduces the itinerary to the reader. it must be short, capturing the important parts of the whole itinerary. Normally this type of heading must be in H2 with fewer word at around one, two or three


Program Summary

Itinerary Highlights

Itinerary Briefing

4.) Content description here in form of paragraph, table or bullets


  • Itinerary duration: 7 days
  • Program timing: June to February each year
  • Destinations: Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda
  • Destination activities: Gamedrive, nature walk, Cultural tour, Gorila tracking
  • Enroute activities: shopping, historic site visit,
  • Max number of people: 6
  • Safari packlist: The luggages must be as light as possible, Camera (optional), Safari boots and clothes with light colors like khaki etc (2 trousers, 2 shorts, 2 tshirt and 5 underwears, pyjamas, swimming costume, flip-flops or sport sandals (public showers, airing feet), 5 pairs of socks, sunshine hat and glasses for dust prevention, binoculars (optional) and shoelaces. More items are found in the main page of Safari packlist

5.) Provide also the sub heading for all day activities and it must be short like one, two or three words


Detailed Itinerary Description

6.) Provide the sub heading in H3 for each day activity and it must be less than 60 characters with spaces


Day 1: Guest Arrival and Safari Briefing

7.) Provide each day details and other content description for day one here in form of paragraph, or bullets


  • Pickup guest at the Airport and transfer to the hotel in the starter point
  • Explain to guest the whole safari highlights and requirements
  • Overnight stay ready for the next day travel
  • Travel from starting point to destination 1

Repeat the same for the other days

8.) Indicative prices subheading in H2


Indicative Price

9.) Indicative prices details in form of sentence or table


The price are estimated based on the number of people travelling and the total duration taken to finish the safari

  • One person = US$ 1500
  • 2-3 persons = US$ 1400/person
  • 3-6- persons = US$ 1300/person
  • 7-10 persons = US$ 1200/person
  • Above 10 please contact us

10.) Pricing Terms subheading in H2


Pricing Terms

11.) Pricing Include and Exclude Terms subheading in H3


Price Include

12.) Pricing Include Terms content description for price include here in form of lists


  • Pickup and transfer from and to the airport to the startup or ending point
  • Full board accommodation as per itinerary
  • All park fees
  • 4 Wheel Drive with a driver and first AID Kit
  • Safari lunch box and waters
  • Add to this list according to your policy

Price Exclude

  • Vaccination fee
  • International travel
  • VISA and related fees
  • Extra cost caused by itinerary change by client
  • Expenses of personal nature
  • Expenses not mentioned in include list
  • Add to this list according to your policy

13.) Booking and or online payment subheading in H2


Request booking for this itinerary now

Pay online this itinerary to book now

Put here the Booking Form or link to online payment

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